Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Helping You Overcome Life’s Difficulties

Events in your life may have left you disheartened. Maybe you have lost somebody or have experienced a breakdown of your relationship. Maybe you have found yourself in a job that is taking more of your confidence than it is giving you. Maybe you are just not happy with how you view yourself.

Within psychotherapeutic counselling, I can help you explore your wants and needs and where your difficulties lie. As everybody is individual, I tailor the therapy to suit each person.

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor, offering a range of mediums for you to explore your inner world. I am very interested in the stories we tell ourselves about who we are in the world, exploring the early messages received and unravelling blind spots. The early messages you received started writing your story, before you knew anything about it. 

All these messages remain in the subconscious, alike to water in the depths of a well, being the foundation of the feelings that surface above, without much awareness. These messages are powerful, with more awareness there can be transformation.

I am interested in exploring inner worlds and being with individuals as they open doors to new perspectives on themselves. Through working with you to understand your developing story. You can be as creative as you want, exploring dreams and using creative mediums or for those who prefer, we can simply talking through your feelings and difficulties.

I have counselled those from many walks of life, ages and cultural backgrounds. It is never too early or too late to look into how to live more closely with your authentic wants and needs.

About Ruby Aujla


My name is Ruby Aujla. I am a  fully qualified Clinical Psychotherapist registered with the UKCP. I have trained at the Northern Guild of Psychotherapy. Due to current Social Distancing requirements I am running sessions through video-call, phone call and through meeting for walks within Jesmond green areas and Northumberland beaches. I am also able to see a minimum of individuals face to face within therapy rooms in Northumberland and Jesmond. 

My Areas of Experience

Having worked within the Social Sector since I was 19, followed by working between specialised mental health services and NHS hospitals, I have gained a wide variety of experience. These areas include and are not limited to:

  •  experience working with clients who are extremely shy, anxious and agoraphobic.

  •  offering emotional support to those with borderline personality, severe depression, extreme social anxiety and very low self-esteem.

  •  counselling individuals who struggled with anorexia, bulimia and with those who struggled with emotional eating and self image. 

  •  addictions, having counselled those who became addicted to drugs, those who misused medication and those addicted to alcohol.

  • individuals who have been victims of burglary and attack within the victim support services. 

  • couples counselling, including untangling repetitive patterns, the aftermath of affairs, feelings of neglect and uncertainty of staying.

  • exploring individual attachment styles and developing healthier attachments, as well as exploring how to work with attachment styles.

  • developing boundaries with family members. 

  • working with change, life transitions, reflecting on how yesterdays desires are not meeting up with todays.

  • sexuality and gender identity, exploring living outside the margins.

  • Cultural conflict, working through finding ones own values between varying cultural values.

  • anger management, identifying triggers and ways to feel more mindful.

  • developing a stronger sense of self, wants, needs, values and direction.

My Views

Our bodies experience pain and tension and require self-care and looking after ourselves emotionally is just as important. Psychotherapeutic counselling can offer you a place to explore your emotional world, gain insight into yourself and explore how to live a life that is more true to your authentic self.

I believe that psychotherapeutic counselling can be of benefit to absolutely everybody!

My Prices

I can offer free 30minute phone consultations. I welcome you to either text, phone or email me and we can arrange an initial consultation or an half fee introductory 1hour session in which you can learn if my style of working can work for you. I aim to be somebody who you can relax and be yourself with as this is key for your progressing in counselling therapy. 

We will be able to discuss fees, how many sessions you would like and whether you would prefer them weekly or fortnightly, with looking at what is manageable for you within the initial consultation. 

I welcome you to contact me on my email [email protected] or drop me a text / call me on 07562063608.  

I look forward to hearing from you.